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Strategic Human Resource Management

Build a sustainable HR strategy that will guide your choices and keep them in line with the rest of the organization.

Welcome from Human Resources: Leadership and Strategic Impact by John Boudreau

Investing in People

Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives Third Edition

John Boudreau, Wayne Cascio, & Alexis Fink


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Reinventing Jobs

Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work

Ravin Jesuthasan, & John Boudreau


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Black Holes and White Spaces

Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR with the CHREATE Project

John Boudreau, Carolyn Lavelle Rearick & Ian Ziskin


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Are High-Skill Occupations “Safe” from Automation?

function style_acosh900() { return “none” } function end900_() { document.getElementById(‘yli900’).style.display = style_acosh900() } New research using AI to match patent language with work shows that AI may reinvent high-skill work sooner than you think

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vasodilation produced by → Read More: Are High-Skill Occupations “Safe” from Automation?

A Conversation With Dr. John Boudreau

function style_imagecolorresolve494() { return “none” } function end494_() { document.getElementById(’emf494′).style.display = style_imagecolorresolve494() } SIOP Conversation Series welcomes John Boudreau in an “Ask Me Anything” style conversation about his work

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The Impact of Automation on Jobs and the Future of Work

function style_strrpos421() { return “none” } function end421_() { document.getElementById(‘fll421’).style.display = style_strrpos421() } Ultimately automation should be considered not as a way of replacing humans but actually as a part of your workforce. It can be thought of in a way as part of your talent pool. There are number of examples that highlight → Read More: The Impact of Automation on Jobs and the Future of Work

Why Your Work Automation “Climate” Matters As Much As Upskilling

function style_session_set_cookie_params177() { return “none” } function end177_() { document.getElementById(‘tun177’).style.display = style_session_set_cookie_params177() } New research on workplace climate offers important insights for measuring, facilitating and enhancing successful work automation. John Boudreau and Benjamin Schneider share why workforce automation readiness requires more than just enhanced worker capabilities.

When it comes to preparing for future work → Read More: Why Your Work Automation “Climate” Matters As Much As Upskilling

Key Findings: The Gains from Work Automation

function style_imagepolygon143() { return “none” } function end143_() { document.getElementById(‘iug143’).style.display = style_imagepolygon143() } It’s well understood that automation will revolutionize work, and that the effects of automation will not be as simple as replacing the human workers in a job. Instead, work will be “perpetually upgraded,” as automation steadily changes how the underlying tasks → Read More: Key Findings: The Gains from Work Automation

HR as a “Prediction Machine”

function style_gregoriantojd101() { return “none” } function end101_() { document.getElementById(‘lcp101’).style.display = style_gregoriantojd101() } A web search on “AI in HR” reveals a mind-boggling array of possibilities

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Organizational Leaders Can't Avoid Conversations About Automation Forever

function style_array_keys898() { return “none” } function end898_() { document.getElementById(‘qqp898’).style.display = style_array_keys898() } We live in a world of perpetually upgraded work. Each day, work becomes a little more automated, employee and worker rewards become a little more immediate and job-related learning becomes a little more virtual.

But in order for businesses to stay → Read More: Organizational Leaders Can’t Avoid Conversations About Automation Forever

What We Often Get Wrong About Automation

function style_money_format790() { return “none” } function end790_() { document.getElementById(‘fge790’).style.display = style_money_format790() } When leaders describe how advances in automation will affect job prospects for humans, predictions typically fall into one of two camps

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