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Strategic Human Resource Management

Build a sustainable HR strategy that will guide your choices and keep them in line with the rest of the organization.

Welcome from Human Resources: Leadership and Strategic Impact by John Boudreau

Investing in People

Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives Third Edition

John Boudreau, Wayne Cascio, & Alexis Fink


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Reinventing Jobs

Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work

Ravin Jesuthasan, & John Boudreau


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Black Holes and White Spaces

Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR with the CHREATE Project

John Boudreau, Carolyn Lavelle Rearick & Ian Ziskin


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Key Findings: The Gains from Work Automation

It’s well understood that automation will revolutionize work, and that the effects of automation will not be as simple as replacing the human workers in a job. Instead, work will be “perpetually upgraded,” as automation steadily changes how the underlying tasks in a job are accomplished.

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Are Unions Tomorrow’s Work Platforms?

What is the future of labor unions? That question is becoming more relevant for HR leaders, illustrated by the Supreme Court decision in AFSCME vs. Janus, and engineer unionization efforts in Silicon Valley.

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• Leaders, You Can’t Achieve Agility in the Workplace Without Transparency

In my July ReWork column, I described agile work as perpetually upgraded work, constantly “becoming” something new. Every day, work becomes a little more automated, the source of talent becomes a little more boundless, the rewards become a little more immediate and non-monetary and learning becomes a little more virtual and community-led.

An Accenture report → Read More: Leaders, You Can’t Achieve Agility in the Workplace Without Transparency

Beyond Agile HR: Your Company Must Embrace Agile Work

This trend of “becoming” means organizations—and their talent departments—must be more agile. An Accenture report found that CEOs list becoming agile as their number three business priority. And to compete in this fast-changing world, says the report, “HR will fundamentally reshape itself so that the function becomes a critical driver of agility. In this role, → Read More: Beyond Agile HR: Your Company Must Embrace Agile Work

HR Leadership Lessons from Non-Traditional CHROs

CHRO’s who come from non-HR backgrounds discover that HR is the most impactful of all functions. Their experience holds important lessons for all HR leaders.

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The Work of the Future

USC Viterbi managing editor Marc Ballon recently spoke to a panel of engineering, business and economic experts including, John Boudreau about how the gig economy, the rise of robots and the growing importance of entrepreneurial thinking are transforming the way we work.

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We Need to Rethink How We’re Reskilling Workers for the Future

We’re not taking advantage of the full potential of “reskilling” workers. Conversations and solutions around job displacement are often limited for two reasons: 1) They focus exclusively on traditional jobs rather than “deconstructed” work; and 2) They focus on regional partnerships, rather than considering the global work ecosystem. Important solutions require seeing beyond “jobs” and → Read More: We Need to Rethink How We’re Reskilling Workers for the Future

Why More Executives Should Consider Becoming a CHRO

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