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March 19-21, 2019
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May 8, 2019
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Reinventing Jobs

Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work

Ravin Jesuthasan, & John Boudreau

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Black Holes and White Spaces

Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR with the CHREATE Project

John Boudreau, Carolyn Lavelle Rearick & Ian Ziskin

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Lead the Work book

Lead the Work: Navigating a World Beyond Employment

John Boudreau, Ravin Jesuthasan, & David Creelman

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Recent Awards

Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award

August, 2018
Academy of Management

Risk-Optimization in Human Capital Strategy

This book, “Short Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management” describes the elements and principles of human capital strategy, and uniquely connects those elements to a framework of risk-optimization, that approaches risk beyond the typical idea of something to be prevented, and instead draws on actuarial and other disciplines that emphasize optimizing risk:  Taking the risks that are prudent and avoiding those that are not.  Examples include Disney, SYSCO, Boeing and PepsiCo.

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Book: Short Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management”

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